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15 - 31 May 2015 LINK →

Through play. About play.

Grounds for Play is part of a continued study into the process of play for making and thinking. Springing from a five-year photographic documentation of New York City playgrounds, it explores the materials, shapes and structures that signify play.

The project presents a series of studies informed by design vernacular of the playground. Fuelled by the designers’ interest in adhocism and appropriation, gathered objects and materials common to playgrounds have been organized, manipulated, arranged, rearranged, perched, leant, bent, curved, stretched, hoisted, pulled and strung together. Grounds for Play explores the form of the playground – what makes them so engaging for children? Is it possible to create a similar design language for adults from unexceptional objects and materials? What design interventions are needed to transform hard substrates such as cement and metal into playful landscapes? Like the lifeless photographs that inspired the work, the structures are purposefully void of activity drawing the materials and shapes into focus and bringing the implied to the fore.

Brought to you by Moiety in New York City.