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Is Appropriation a dirty word or an important design tool?

Appropriation in art has been practiced for years but appropriation in design can be seen as a dirty word and is often linked to plagiarism or copying. Appropriation is an important tool for all designers and there are two specific meanings when applied to design. Appropriation as a designer – using pre-existing objects/forms and systems and altering their meaning through changing their context. Appropriation as a user of design – using a product in a way that was not foreseen by the designer.

In this talk, Paul will unpack why he believes appropriation in design is more necessary now than ever.

Thursday, May 11th, 6PM
The Provincial Hotel
299 Brunswick Street

Our friends from Valaire put together a new album and commissioned Karim to create the cover art. The album feels like an endless road trip, so we placed the set in a massive plastic jungle. An amazing group of collaborators came together to make it happen – photographed by Scottie Cameron and built by Caravane Studio.

April 14th, 2017 – June 4th, 2017 LINK →

For Fisher Parish Gallery’s inaugural show, Field Experiments made a picture book paperweight from a collection of found objects around our studio and workspace. The Paperweight Show is an exhibition of original small works by over 100 contemporary artists and designers.

April 14th, 2017 – June 4th, 2017

Open Saturdays and Sundays, 1-6PM or  by appointment
238 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY

25 March 2015 - 31 March 2016 LINK →

The exhibition has been extended until March 2016! Visit the exhibition website for more information. https://designmuseum.org/exhibitions/designs-of-the-year-2015

15 - 31 May 2015 LINK →

Through play. About play.

Grounds for Play is part of a continued study into the process of play for making and thinking. Springing from a five-year photographic documentation of New York City playgrounds, it explores the materials, shapes and structures that signify play.

The project presents a series of studies informed by design vernacular of the playground. Fuelled by the designers’ interest in adhocism and appropriation, gathered objects and materials common to playgrounds have been organized, manipulated, arranged, rearranged, perched, leant, bent, curved, stretched, hoisted, pulled and strung together. Grounds for Play explores the form of the playground – what makes them so engaging for children? Is it possible to create a similar design language for adults from unexceptional objects and materials? What design interventions are needed to transform hard substrates such as cement and metal into playful landscapes? Like the lifeless photographs that inspired the work, the structures are purposefully void of activity drawing the materials and shapes into focus and bringing the implied to the fore.

Brought to you by Moiety in New York City.

15 March 2015 LINK →
Camp accommodation: The Bali Purnati Center For The Arts


Field Experiments in partnership with MFA Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, is running a summer design camp in Bali! With a focus on transnational and interdisciplinary exchange, the camp is open to undergraduate and graduate students, along with practitioners from any field of design, located anywhere in the world.

Those who attend will participate in a hands-on exploration into new design perspectives around thinking, making and culture – immersing themselves with local artisans and crafts. The camp explores and emphasizes alternative models for using design; as a tool to learn about culture and people; as a way to build cross-cultural appreciation and understanding; and as a mode of mass communication, opposed to mass production, to share narratives and tell stories.

The cost is $3500USD. This includes all accommodation, meals, most materials, ground transport and field trips.  Flights to and from Bali are not included.

Please come! Places are super limited, so if interested email:



16 March 2015 LINK →

We are surprised and humbled to learn that Field Experiments Indonesia has been nominated for the Design of the Year 2015 by the Design Museum in London. Design of the Year celebrates design that promotes or delivers change, enables access, extends design practice or captures the spirit of the year. Design experts, practitioners and academics globally were asked by the Design Museum to suggest potential projects, from which the museum selected 76 for nomination. As part of the nomination will be exhibiting Field Experiments Indonesia in London at the Design Museum from March 24 – August 18, 2015.



07.11.14 LINK →

Thank you to KIOSK for having us for the month. For those that couldn’t visit, here is our shrine to the souvenir.

10.10.14 LINK →

We collaborated with new friends KIOSK to assemble a Shrine to the Souvenir in their new shop on LaGuardia Place in New York. Each morning in the shop we made a daily offering – selling one handmade Field Experiments souvenir every day for thirty days. The daily ritual honored our Balinese friends, collaborators and makers. We also made a souvenir paper available in the store.

12.09.14 LINK →

After selling out of our publication we have just received the second edition back from the printers. Part visual diary, part adventure guide, part travel narrative, the Field Experiments publication brings together the observations, actions and outcomes of Field Experiments, Indonesia. Spread over 80 pages it shares documented observations, stunning location photography, a cultural essay, interviews with the designers, the personal narratives of the Balinese makers and a full photographic collection of the 100 conceptual souvenirs created over the course of the summer. It provides a unique insight into Balinese life, community, geography, the vitality of traditional craft making and the benefits to be gained from cross-cultural collaboration with the locals. Foreword by Stefan Sagmeister.

Buy a copy in the shop.